Virtual Race Car Engineer 2018 released

Virtual Race Car Engineer 2018 released

What’s new in VRCE2018

  • All new program, written from scratch in an all new language (Unity and C#) effectively eliminating the problems with Antivirus software and Windows security settings from previous versions.
  • Code is much more refined, to the point of a 90% less CPU draw. You will no longer lose FPS while driving with VRCE running in the background.
  • More driver feedback options to choose from, which means more advice provided
  • Added advice for trackbar*, wedge*, differential, and third spring (* Oval only)
  • All new user interface for easy use with a Windows tablet
  • Touch screen capable
  • Removed the car, track, and setup saving to streamline the program so users can get straight to the on-track testing and going faster
  • Languages included: English, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, and Spanish

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11 thoughts on “Virtual Race Car Engineer 2018 released

  1. Si

    If I purchase the 2017 version do i get upgraded to 2018 version? Or should I just wait to for the 2018 release?


    1. TMcArthur

      Anyone that has recently purchased VRCE2017 at the full price ($14.99) will get VRCE2018 for free. Otherwise, VRCE2018 will be pre-released at a 50% discount to all other VRCE2017 owners.

  2. Bojan

    Is there any trial version that we can try?

    1. TMcArthur

      I may release a trial version later, but for now there is no trial. You are welcome to purchase and try it, and if you do not like VRCE I offer 100% refund.

  3. alessio

    aspetto con ansia il rilascio del vostro tool

  4. Porsche962C

    I bought your software off Steam a few months ago. Do I get a free update to 2018, or do I have to re-purchase? Thank you for releasing your ebook, very helpful!

    1. TMcArthur

      You may email (attach proof of purchase please) for a 50% off coupon on a purchase from this page (not the Steam version of VRCE2018).

      1. Porsche962C

        I think I have a paypal receipt of purchase, would forwarding that to the email work for a discount? Also, could I add the game to Steam to get future updates from there, or would it not work like that?

        Thanks, Porsche962C

      2. TMcArthur

        Yes, a paypal receipt will work, and I can supply a Steam code as a 100% discount. However, I am unable to provide a 50% discount to Steam.

  5. Gary

    does this work with project cars 2 and I racing

    1. TMcArthur

      It most certainly does

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