Welcome to the new home of the Virtual Race Car Engineer and Setup Developer Tool software suite, created by Tim McArthur.

The Virtual Race Car Engineer 2018 is the third generation of the one-of-a-kind piece of software. The VRCE software program features numerous tools for easing the guesswork and uncertainty out of your race car setup, both in the real world and simulated auto racing.
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The original Setup Developer Tool, created and refined between 2003 and 2009, it walks you through the many steps in developing your own race setup from scratch. Now updated and ready for your Windows 7, 8, or 10 PC.
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The eBook, Learn to setup your race car offers plain English understanding of the secrets of race car setup with simple, easy to understand, reading. You do not need to need to be a mechanical engineer to begin to applying the knowledge to your own race cars, both real and simulated, right away.

The latest news

  • Featured Community: Atlantic eSports Forum

    Atlantic Motorsport is a Simracing team with 8 years of experience and now with our own league, and the very folks that assisted with the Portuguese language translation in VRCE 2018… Thanks Atlantic Motorsport!   If you would like your community featured, contact support@virtualracecarengineer.com  

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  • Featured community: World of SimRacing

    I’d like to personally thank the folks at World of SimRacing – a Spanish web-magazine for real and virtual racers – for their support on the VRCE 2018 Spanish language translation. Find them on Facebook and Twitter as well.   If you would like your community featured, contact support@virtualracecarengineer.com

  • Virtual Race Car Engineer 2018 released

    Virtual Race Car Engineer 2018 released What’s new in VRCE2018 All new program, written from scratch in an all new language (Unity and C#) effectively eliminating the problems with Antivirus software and Windows security settings from previous versions. Code is much more refined, to the point of a 90% less CPU draw. You will no longer […]